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Abraham Gulkowitz is currently a principal at Brookville Capital.  He was previously a Senior Managing Director and a member of the partners management group at Bankers Trust before its acquisition by Deutsche Bank, where he was Chief Global Strategist for Corporate Finance.  Over a period of decades, he worked closely with top management on a broad range of leveraged finance, wealth management, and risk issues. He also has produced the widely-acclaimed publication, The PunchLine for many years. Abe has advised a wide range of business clients, as well as government agencies.  He has also been at the forefront of thinking on topics related to technology, energy markets and the changing geography of world business. Abe joined Bankers Trust in 1978 from Chase Manhattan Bank where he was responsible for financial market analysis.  Previously, he was economic research assistant to the consultant, Alan Greenspan. Abe did his MBA and doctoral work in economics at NYU.
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